Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Iced Out Raspberry Ice

So it isn't iced out in diamonds but there is a little bling factor with the glitter. Naming my posts is such a pain sometimes. This mani was inspired by a mani that I saw on a forum I belong to. The mani was pretty simple but she had drawn the thiniest line of contrasting polish color along the tip of her nail. When I say thin I mean very thin, a lot less than a french mani. It was such a nice look and very basic but that thin line gave it just the right amount of "oomph" (that is a word I am sure) to give it a second look. I couldn't do my lines quite as thin and uniform so I went with a second line of glitter. I like this mani a lot. Hope you like it too.

I used Orly Raspberry Ice as the base color and LA Colors Art Deco Pens in white and silver glitter for the tips.

Orly Raspberry Ice Art


  1. Soooo pretty! I might experiment at the weekend :)

  2. Tilly you should!! I used to be afraid to mess up but that is what remover is for.