Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bummed - Low Iron Means No Blood Donation

As you may have read in previous posts I am all for making sure those who can donate blood do so. Yesterday when I went to do my donation they told me I couldn't. Yep, my iron count was to low. In order to donate you have to have a hemoglobin level of 12.5 g/dL. My count was only 12.3. Waaaaa, I want to cry. They allow you to try twice and both times it was 12.3. This has actually happened before but when they did my second prick to get my level I was where I needed to be to donate.

Boooo, to me. I want to cry. For some reason I feel really bad. The nurse told me there are a number of reasons that can cause it but I can try again in 24 hours. I think I will try to make sure I eat really healthy this week and try again next Monday.

So what can I do. They gave me a list advising me to increase my intake of high iron foods. I think I see where I went wrong.   Having been on vacation last week I wasn't eating the greatest but was taking an iron supplement. Obviously not enough.

Wish me luck for next week. Now all I have to do is find a place.

Oh, and they were really nice. They let me take a snack and gave me some flip flops anyway.  I am pretty sure for the month of August if you donate you get a pair of flip flops.  The flip flops are pretty cool too. If you walk in the sand it will leave an imprint that says Give Blood. Neat!!

American Red Cross Flip Flops

Ooops..the flip flop is upside down. You get the idea.  GIVE BLOOD.

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  1. That's annoying for you. It's funny how much your iron levels can vary in 2 pricks that are taken on the same day! Those flip flops are very cool though!

    I wish you luck for next time.