Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ruby Kisses Skittles

I got these polishes quite some time ago at a local beauty supply store and hadn't tried them yet.  Why not try them all at once!!  Actually, I was initially was trying to pick which color I wanted to do my full mani with but I liked them all so ended up just doing just repeating the pattern across all my nails.

The brand is Ruby Kisses which I have not seen often on nail blogs. These polishes are thin but manageable to use. Each photo is 3 coats of polish and no top coat. Another great thing is that this polish dries pretty fast so three coats takes no time.

Beware...lots of pics.

Ruby Kisses

Silver Bling
Ruby Kisses Silver Bling

Steel Magnolia
Ruby Kisses Steel Magnolia

Twinkling Mauve
Ruby Kisses Twinkling Mauve

Ruby Kisses Purplelicious

Ruby Kisses

No Flash
Ruby Kisses

What do you think?  I like them a lot, lot, lot!!!  Next time I swing by that beauty supply I will be picking up some more.  My faves are the Purplelicious and Steel Magnolia.


  1. I have a few of these too - including steel magnolia and twinkling mauve. Nice to know you've tried and liked them!

  2. ABOP What did you think about them? I did a quick search of your blog and didn't see any reviews.