Monday, August 16, 2010

Family Game Nights? Bamboozle Anyone!!

In my family we love to play games.  Getting everyone to play can be a challenge at times but even if it is only 2 of playing we still have fun.  Growing up I would ask my sisters to play games with me all the time.  There were some times when they said yes but of course I remember the times they said no.  That left me to playing games by myself a lot.  Anything from I-DeClare War to Monopoly I would sit and play alone (don't judge me).

We had some family over and pulled an old game out the woodwoork.  Actually the last time I played this game my kids weren't even old enough to play yet.  This game will bring out the competition in everyone.  A lot of laughs and fun to be had.  


Objective:  Be first to score required points.

Playing: Two teams try to guess the words the other team came up with for them. Shake up the dice, see what the letters are, make words that start with those letters.  A timer runs while each team makes their list of words.  That is the amount of time the other team will have to guess the words.  The longer it takes for you to make the words, the longer the other team gets to guess them. The clue giver from each team swaps lists.  The clue giver then has to give clues so their team can guess the words on the list. (Not the best description but hopefully you get the gist)

"WHAT" , "HURRY UP", "UMMMMMMM", "COME ON YOU KNOW THIS" always leads to lots of laughs and fun for everyone.  As fun as it is, it gets quite competitive.  

What are your favorites for Family Game Night?


  1. I'd give as lot to be able to have family night games... but The Mate and I alone don't tend to play many, and we don't know anybody else who is into them. I've always loved Scrabble and Scattergories, and Taboo. When the boys were living with us we used to play Sorry and Monopoly. In the past, we had game nights with Jenga, Clue, Cribbage, and other card games. I miss that.

  2. Our favorites were always Scrabble, Simon and and Life!