Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beauty Secrets Acetone Polish Remover

As with anything else I know all polish removers are not created equal. Since my venture into the polishing world I have not taken the leap into any of the higher end removers. For some reason I would rather put all my money into the polish instead of the remover but I know a good remover is a staple for any polish addict. Something as basic as polish remover is actually quite integral to the whole polishing experience and can make or break it.
Beauty Secrets Polish Remover
I have tried many of the drugstore brands but on a recommendation picked up this Beauty Secrets Acetone remover from Sally's Beauty Supply. The 8 oz. bottle was $1.99 so not pricey at all. I did cop this 32 oz. bottle for $4.99 on sale. I have used Beauty Secrets almost exclusively for over a month now and will say it definitely a step up from your basic store brand and Cutex as well. There is no harsh smell and the scent reminds me of a sweet piece of candy. It actually smells good. I noticed that removing polish didn't require as much scrubbing as the other low end brands which meant a quicker removal process. Even with some of the glitters that can be quite painful to remove it was still a step up. Some of the other removers I have used seemed like a was rubbing water on my nails.

All in all if you are looking to remain cost effective in your polishing adventures I would recommend this remover. Maybe in about 5 or 6 months or how ever long it takes for me to finish this mega bottle I will splurge on a brand name polish remover and see how it compares. For now I have a lot of polishing and removing to do before I get there.

So what polish remover do you think I should try next?


  1. I just bought the same big bottle. I was thinking it might be ok for Konading but I just went to read the ingredients and it has a lotion in it. NOT GOOD. I guess I will use it just for removing polish from my nails and not Konading yet.
    Have you happened to have tried it for cleaning the Konad plates and stamper?
    Glad to hear you like it.

  2. I am sure I have used it at some point to wipe the plate or brush over the stamper and have not noticed any ill effects. Since I was not aware of any issue with the "lotion" and Konad I didn't make any effort not to use it.

  3. Thanks, that is good to know. :)