Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mini Wet N' Wild Haul

Can anyone say BOGO!!! Come on you can say it louder than that!!! Great, so the opportunity once again to try polishes out from a brand that I don't have any of. It isn't like I have never owned any Wet N' Wild polishes because I sure remember going to the Woolworth when I was a kid and picking up a 99 cent bottle every now and then. My how things have changed though. What an awesome selection at a price point that whether you love it or hate it you haven't broken the bank.

Wet N Wild Mini Haul

From left to right here are the polishes:
Psycho- from the Crystalic line
Heavy Metal- from the Crystalic line
Disturbia- from the Megalast line
Through the Grapevine- from the Megalast line
French White Creme- from the Wild Shine Line
Black Creme- from the Wild Shine Line
Caribbean Frost- from the Wild Shine Line
Blazed- from the Wild Shine Line

I can't wait to try these out. I know there are a couple of other lines that Wet N Wild has but unfortunately the store I was in did not carry them. No need to be greedy though. This is a good collection to for some pretty manis. Stay tuned for swatches.

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