Friday, April 30, 2010

In A State of Panda-Monium Pink

Do you remember the the little OPI Haul I got not that long ago? I finally got around to using the items I bought. My first time using the OPI base coat but I liked it. There was nothing not to like. Next came the the application of the Panda-monium Pink. Streaky, streaky, streaky. That is the first word, three words, that came to mind. So be forewarned this is not a one coat mani be prepared to get to know each nail up close and personal. Three coats made me happy enough to move on to my top coat. By this time it was pretty late and I was tired. Which logic should have told me to use the Drip Dry. Logic goes out the window at a certain time though so in my tiredness I told myself I would just sit there and let it dry. Of course I messed up my pinky nail and have some blanket marks, nothing a Konad won't fix though.
OPI Panda-monium Pink
You can see from the pictures my lovely marks but I also want to point out that this polish is not one I would consider to be full on pink. It as some midpoint between pink and lavender. When I look at it I see both and in various lighting you may see it more one way than the other. I do think a coat of white polish should be applied under this. After 3 coats my nail lines are still quite visible. Perhaps applying the white polish beneath would help with the streakiness issue and you could get away with 2 coats of the Panda-monium Pink. Maybe an expert can chime in whether that would work or not.
OPI Panda-monium Pink

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