Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oldie But Goodie

I have no idea when I bought this polish but it was ages ago. Once I started going through what was goopy, old, and unusable this one surprised me. I thought that since this was so old it went in the toss pile but after prying the top off it seemed to be fine. Back to my stash it went but of course it sat there for ages because I had so many new polishes to play with. Fast forward to some random Friday night where I decided to swatch some polishes.

MAGNIFICENT!!! I don't even remember this polish from years ago but it is great. In light you can see the purple undertone. The flash picture shows a pretty drastic representation of the purple. On a typical sunny day it looks like the pictures with no flash.

Cover Girl NailSlicks Midnight Forest

Cover Girl NailSlicks Midnight Forest

Align Center

Cover Girl NailSlicks Midnight Forest

I wonder if I can Konad this this with another color and what color would go well with this. Trial and error baby. That is what polish remover is made for.

UPDATE 4/9/10-- Duh, it would help if I put the brand and the name. CoverGirl NailSlicks in Midnight Forest.


  1. This is a really nice shade, I love the subtle purple shimmer in the flash photo♥

    so......... what's it's name.

    I have two of these at the moment ( mint sorbet & midnight metal) and I am hoping to acquire a few more. I think these old antique nail slicks polish's are fabulous and if you Google them there are some great colors and finishes which have yet to be duplicated in modern times.

  2. Oh gee, It must have been late. It is Cover Girl NailSlicks Midnight Forest.