Tuesday, April 20, 2010

FHI Dud...A Little Irked

This really bothers me. Why would a store sell an item it knows it is defective. Over the weekend I went to BeautyFirst to pick up an FHI flat iron. The girl told me they had one left with adjustable heat settings so I told her I was coming to get it. The box was a little beat up but I have seen that before with items on the shelf. Anyhow when I got home and plugged it up to use it my daughter looked at it and said, "Is this supposed to be like this?" The flat iron would not close completely. I looked and tried to be optimistic but there was no way around it something was definitely amiss.


Online research didn't yield any results about this defect so I contacted FHI via the webform on their site but decided to call as well. I explained the situation and the lady said it should NOT be like that and to take it back. This store better not give me any issues returning this. I am kind of irked because I used a 20% coupon to buy it so hopefully if they have another model I want they will give me the 20% off.

This is just such a pain in the you know what more than anything. I desparately need a new flat iron and since my kids now have relaxers and I flat iron their hair it is very important that I get a quality tool that will keep their hair healthy.

Sorry for the rant I just needed to vent once again

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  1. I bought a flat iron not long ago that was like that too :( (a Sedu). Not as bad as yours though, but the plates don't touch. Hope the return/exchange goes well!