Friday, April 9, 2010


I am happy to say that I went and gave blood today. It has been since before my kids that I have given but hopefully this will start me back to a regular donation schedule.

Of course it seemed like it took forever but part of it was my fault. If you have never given blood before they ask you a bunch of questions one of which is if you have been out of the United States or Canada in the last year. Me with my horrible memory says yes I went to Mexico last summer. The tech asked for where in Mexico and they couldn't find Riviera Maya in their database. So they had to make a phone call and the interrogation was about to start. "What airport? How did you get to the hotel?" I called my hubby while they were still looking in the database and come to find out it was 2008 that we went. That was a 10 minute waste of time.

Then the girl who did me othewise known as the phlebotomist was new. I could tell but I relaxed. She was slow more than anything, double checking each of her steps meticulously, which was fine with me. She called in help when she needed it and the blood drainage process went smoothly and I was out the door.

I guess that is what I get for waiting so long. The plan is to donate every 8 weeks. I just wish I could track where my blood goes. It would be interesting to find out who has it.

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  1. What a great thing you did!!! Thanks for donating :) My dad donates as often as possible (you would not believe how many blood donation tee shirts he has!). What a cool idea - it would be REALLY neat to know where your blood goes. I've considered having my pets donate blood (there is a local blood donation program for pets nearby), but I feel bad signing them up for something they can't really agree too.