Thursday, February 4, 2010

Closure or Lack Thereof

About a year and a half ago a friend of my family was tragically killed in some type of altercation. We are a few states away and not in touch with anyone else in his family so nobody would have intially thought to contact us with details of the funeral. It wasn't until the Monday or Tuesday after the funeral that my husband got an email filling him in as to what had happened. You know how sometimes you never forget where you are when you hear certain news. I remember my husband just standing in the doorway of my office telling me our friend had been murdered.

Of course I spent the next week constantly scouring the internet for more news, details, some type of charges to brought against the person who did this. I just kept going in circles like a cat chasing its tail but even though I couldn't find anything new for some reason I read the same stories over and over again. Perhaps I thought that I would find some sense of closure if I knew every last detail and commited it to memory.

I wish I was able to say goodbye to him more appropriately and the fact that I can't or just don't know how to really eats at me. Maybe just by writing this it will help my heart heal some but even though we didn't see him often or speak to him everyday he was our friend and I feel a tremendous sense of loss.

Rest In Peace Shawn

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