Saturday, February 6, 2010

One Day Konad

This Konadicure wasn't meant to only last a day but I guess I didn't wait long enough for the top coat to dry so the next morning I had all sorts of sheet lines and grooves in my nail polish. From far away you couldn't really see it but I just kept looking at my nails in disgust. Thank goodness I try to take most of my shots immediately after my manicure.

Konad M57 02-03-10

The base of this is China Glaze Pink Underground. For the white design I used the Konad M57 plate. This plate is a staple in anyones Konad collection. The white polish used is Sally Hansen French Shell Shimmer in Naturel (this IS how it is spelled on the bottle, promise) White.

Konad M57 02-03-10

I put a few hearts in one nail in honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day. This Konad turned out fine so I am a little irked that I ended up taking it off the next day.

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