Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Little Treadmill Action

Admittedly I have been a slacker this year when it comes to working out. I know my body feels 200% better when I get in some serious cardio and weights but me being lazy has preferred to sit on my butt and come up with a million excuses of why I haven't been to the gym.

Finally on Friday morning I hit the treadmill. Was I nervous? Of course. Not knowing if I am about to pass out can bring on some bit of anxiety. Nevertheless I laced up my sneakers and hopped on the treadmill. The poor treadmill hasn't been used in so long but it was just like I left it, ready to kick me in to high gear.

Here is what I ended up doing on Friday:
Minutes 40:03
Distance 3.273 miles
Calories 530 calories
Carbs 92.7

I was proud of myself. I did take 3 breaks to hop off and grab some water at the end of each mile. It is a work in progress but I have to start somewhere. On Saturday here is what I did!!

Woo hoo!!

Today was a rest day, thank goodness.

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