Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Little Konad TMI

So you saw the mani using China Glaze TMI (if not it is here). I feel like I always have to do a Konad for some reason. Even if it is a day or two later it feels like a brand new mani. This one was actually done on the same night but I never got to posting the picture.

Konad M36 2-15-10

To do this Konadicure I used Konad plate M36. This plate has a lot of dainty little flower designs and 2 cute butterflies. The white I used is Sally Hansen French Shell Shimmer in Naturel White.

This mani is some what blah to me but it has already started chipping so I think a new one is in order tonight (if I have time that is). Wooo hoo!!!

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