Thursday, June 3, 2010

Am I A Sale Junkie

Oh, geez!! I have done it again. Walked into a store seen a sale and bought things I wasn't even planning on buying. My justification is that it was 75% off. Does that make it okay? I need some input please.

The mission was to find 75% off nailpolishes at CVS. That mission totally failed because there was no polish marked down whatsoever. They DID have some makeup items 75% off though. I strolled up and down the aisle seeing what was what and grabbed a few items. Once it was all said and done I had spent $23.25. WHAT!! The normal price would have been $93.18 so I got a great deal right?

Here is a pic of the items I got.

CVS Hau l6-1-10
A lot of lip glosses, some eyeliner, and pigments.

Nine items for that price is not so bad right. The real question though is how much do I need these items or was it just the thrill of the sale. I am going to say the latter because when I left the store I had a sinking feeling that I wanted to spend that money elsewhere. Where you ask? On nailpolish of course.

So here is the deal, all of the HIP products go back because even though I got them for a steal after thinking about it, I don't NEED them and I would rather put the money elsewhere. The rest of the products get to stay. My justification for this is, at $2 a pop for lipgloss and the way my daughter loses it, I may as well stock up for the summer.

With the HIP products going back that puts $11.72 in my pocket which is going toward:


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  1. I'd keep that HIP liner though. It's got staying power! I agree on the lip gloss though.