Monday, June 28, 2010

Tomatoes and Stuff

I love salsa, absolutely love it. So what could be better than homemade salsa. Not to much. My mother came out a few weeks ago to help me plant some herbs she had picked up for me. Green thumb. Not me, not at all. I have the anti-green thumb. She knows it but we enjoy trying. She bought me some oregano, green peppers, rosemary, mint, marjoram and then we went to the store to get a tomato plant and some marigolds. We also got some jalepeno seeds for my daughter to plant.

The tomato is in a pot (actually everything is in a pot) so I could move it as needed into the sun. Plus the dirt in my area is horrible so I would rather leave it in the pot with so organic soil. We get everything in their pots, had a good laugh about the 5 pots sitting in the middle of the yard and crossed our fingers.
Surely if I planted it in the middle of my yard the guy who cuts the grass would have just rolled right over it to. When they came all I had to do is grab the pots and put them on my steps.

My poor tomato pot keeps falling over. Every morning it is on its side. And then the poor leaves looked so withered and sad. The blooms I had looked like they were dried up and about to die. My mom told me the blooms are where the tomatoes grow so I thought surely I had killed my poor plant.

I felt like it needed to be inside with me. Yes, I know, direct sunlight but we really do get a good amount of sun in our "sunroom". After some nuturing over the weekend I took it back outside this morning. It looked a little happier. And there was one tiny tomato on it.

When I went to take some more pictures I was pleasantly surprised to see another little tomato that I had missed.
I didn't kill it!! Yet :-( I'll try to enjoy this as long as I can. I love my plants and have always loved that my mother has a green thumb. She always laughs at my plant issues and gives me great advice to try and revive them.


  1. Good job! I grew a tomato plant in a pot last summer and harvested two tomatoes from it. They were really tasty, but that was it :( no more.

  2. Oh no. I hope I get more than two. And I just checked on it aand the poor thing is over on its side again.

  3. Aaaw. It sounds like it's hiding a bottle of whiskey or something! I want to try growing chilli's! I bet the satisfaction of seeing something grow and then eating it would be fantastic!!

    I tagged you in an award. Oh and I need to tell you that you inspired me to give blood for the first time on Friday! I almost fainted, but will definately be doing it again!

  4. Tilly thanks. That is so sweet. I have never been tagged for an award before.

    Good for you. Aww, sorry to hear you almost fainted but so glad you are willing to do it again. Let's save lives!!!