Monday, June 28, 2010

The Power of Layering

Ages ago I had no idea that people layered polishes. Oh what I had been missing out on. The Sally Hansen HD polishes I picked up are so sheer that layering is always an option with them. Since I was at the end of the road with my Magens Bay Blue mani I decided to top it with some different colors to see how it looked.

Sorry for the obvious cuticles and messy edges. I wasn't investing any cleanup time in this since I knew it was coming right back off.

Magens Bay Blue Layering
Magens Bay Blue Layering

With Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure
Magens Bay Blue Layering

Pretty. I am really in love with Hue. Funny that this was my last choice to get. Some polishes can surprise you.


  1. Interesting change with the HT on the Laser. It looks like it changed it to a turquoise. Does it look like that IRL?

    Did you like the HD polishes?
    I nabbed a couple but have only worn one of them and you are right, they are sheer and need tons of coats to become opaque.

  2. Thanks Rmcandlelight

    Kimberly, The HT is on just the original Magens Bay Blue. I do like the HD polishes. I did a pedi with one of the blues but it took so many layers. They are pretty though.