Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random Vacation Pics

Has it really been since Friday since I blogged. Seems like forever. My drive with all of my pics is taking forever to backup and currently inaccessible sooooo I am looking though the pictures I have on my local drive. Wow, what a lot of memories. I think I will just spam you with random vacation pics from over the years if you don't mind.

Atlantis Shark
This is from the underwater tunnel at Atlantis in the Bahamas.
I would go there over and over. Scary dude!!

Bay Bridge
Chesapeake Bay Bridge
Odd picture but it was kind of cool at the time. I was on a cruise to Bermuda that left out of Baltimore. We had to go under the Bay Bridge. This boat just cleared that bridge.

Jungfraujoch- The highest point in Europe
This was in Switzerland. It is not the highest point, it is the highest railroad station, or
something like that. Either way all I know is it was breathtaking to be that high
up in the mountains.

No Title
Random foolishness at the hotel in Riviera Maya.
They actually came over and tried the throw my husband in the pool.
One of the best laughs I have ever had!!
It has been a while since I have been out of the country on vacation but am thankful for the many times I was able to go. I am trying to think where I would like to go next. Do any of you have any great vacations coming up?

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