Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Borghese Cannoli Cream

The clearance rack was where it should have stayed. Maybe that is a bit harsh but this polish is going to take to much work. First and second coats streaky. The brush didn't help. Third and fourth coat goopy. Four coats for goopiness. Maybe for something special but not this. I do like the color but I don't have the time for this one. I am glad it was 75% off.
Borghese Cannoli Cream
And to top it off I can't find my hang nail clipper thing so I am stuck with these little hangnails all around my nails. I need a new hangnail clipper. Any recommendations?

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  1. Yah, I've passed these by more than once. $2.00 is a great price, but my experience with the brand just doesn't make it worth it. I'm surprised too - Borghese used to be the most expensive drugstore brand, I wonder if the formula was always like this?