Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics Win

Woooo hoooo. The lovely ABOP from ANOTHER Bottle of Polish sent me these Diamond Cosmetics polishes. She was having a birthday giveaway that she opened up from 1 winner to 3 winners and I was one of the 3. Yep. Yep!!

Here is what I got.
Diamond Cosmetics Win

Aren't they pretty. From left to right:
Magens Bay Blue
Sun Blocking Top Coat
Pelican Peak Purple
South Beach Pink

I can't wait to try them. For some reason I have been on a purple kick but this blue, I can't stop eyeing it. I think we have a winner for the first one I will try- Magens Bay Blue!!

And since I didn't know where Magens Bay was I did a quick google. Anyone want to go to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands with me? I think it is only right that if I wear a polish color named after a bay in such lovely place I should see the place in real life. Wishful thinking I know.


Mani pics to come soon!!!

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