Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My First Bundlemonster Mani!!

So here it is. My very first BundleMonster mani. Honestly it is not a full mani, it is just the right hand. I tried so many different things on my left hand I just decided to figure out what I liked and do it on my right hand and take some pictures. If you remember my post on Zoya Dea I asked for suggestions on what colors would look good with this. My initial thought was a mint green or pastel pink. Rmcandlelight *I'm wearing China Glaze Stella* of Nails Beautiqued chimed in and though that adding white to either of those colors would make it "pop". ABOP from Another Bottle of Polish thought teal would go well.

Let me tell you, I tried for at least an hour to come up with a pink, mint green, or teal that actually showed up well on this polish. Everything seemed like it was washed out. ABOP was absolutely right about the white making it pop.

Anyway, I tried layering Hidden Treasure over it which looked very pretty but I wanted to use my BundleMonster plates. I also layered Sally Hansen HD Hue over it and that looked pretty nice as well. When it was all said and done this is what I ended up with.

BundleMonster BM21 6-9-10

So who knew this yellow holo polish over Zoya Dea would produce this subtle holo greenish color. For the record the Sally Hansen HD Hue looks more yellow if you do a normal layer over tope of Dea.

BundleMonster BM21 6-9-10

Anyway I am tired after experimenting around so much so I think I am going to call it at night. By the way these pics were taken indoors this evening. I'll see if I can get a sunlight pic tomorrow if the sun manages to peep through the clouds. Good night!!


  1. Very nice. SO cool. Glad you're BMing. :)
    Ya I get different colors on different bases. Like blue on yellow makes it green. :)
    Have a nice day,

  2. This is very pretty. The print is so clear and sharp. Are they easy to use?

  3. Wow, I would never have thought that yellow would look like that when put over that color. Pretty! You stamped well - I still have the hardest time with this... I'm sorry teal didn't work. I wasn't thinking of it being used for stamping. Your experiment pic - looks great stamped with white!

  4. Susie- Thanks, it is fun to see what color the sheer colors will turn out as when stamping.

    Tilly- Thanks you. They are easy compared to trying to do this Seriously though, they are pretty easy. My daughter uses them with no problem. I think the tricky ones are the ones that have to be lined up just right like the tip designs.

    ABOP- I love the white too!! I just couldn't figure out what I really wanted to do. Sometimes I overthink it.