Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Donating Blood- It's That Time Again

Wow does 56 days really go by that fast? April 9th seems like just yesterday but here we are, a little more than 56 days have past, and today I did my 2nd blood donation. I will give props because today I was in and out in about 45 minutes which is about half the time it took in April. The rep said one of complaints was the amount of time it takes. In fairness, the phlebotomist I had in April was new and triple checked everything (which was fine with me).


Anyhow here is the part where I encourage you to donate blood. In about 1 hour every 8 weeks you can help save plenty of lives. Please do it if you can. Check for a donation center or blood drive near you here.


  1. I am definately going to give blood when I see one around. It's always something I've meant to do.

  2. Hi Tilly, you definitly should, take a friend too!! Use the link at the bottom and you can find the closest blood drive to you. Plus you get cookies and juice afterwards!!

  3. That's great! I had wanted to donate blood on a regular basis, but the first time I went and they gave me the binder with all the exclusions, I realized I fit into the "born and lived in West Africa" category, so I can't.