Thursday, June 10, 2010

I tried to capture the effect of the Sally Hansen HD Hue polish that I used to stamp this design by doing a little video. It isn't as prominent as I would like it to be in the video but it is gorgeous in real life. You can see the changes somewhat mostly in the last few seconds of the video. Enjoy the lovely sound effects of nature.

This polish goes from yellow to green to blue. I think I am going to like it as a stamping polish more than a full mani polish but you never know.

On another note and I know you may think this is lame, Zoya sent a link to one of my blog posts on Twitter. I was absolutely floored, excited, honored, excited, shocked. Yes I am lame but it was a big deal to me. Here is a pic:

Zoya Dea Tweet

I thought it was pretty cool!! Feel free to follow me on Twitter. I am TakiJ there babbling about this that and the other.

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