Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mini Beautyfirst Haul

Score!!! No not as in World Cup but as in BeautyFirst sent me a $10 coupon in the mail. When I get a coupon like that I am ecstatic. Ten free dollars is better than nothing. I went practical and got Zoya Anchor basecoat and my first ever bottle of Essie polish. Can you see the little 50% off sticker? This color sums up where I am mentally right now because the name of it is Need A Vacation.

Mini BeautyFirst Haul 6-14-10

I took the Zoya Anchor out of the packaging so you could see the bottle. Standard Zoya bottle. It seems like a environmental waste to even have all of that plastic packaging around the bottle.

My out of pocket total for the day was $2 plus tax. I was a happy camper.

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